[iconbox type=”0″ icon_title=”General Information” icon_name=”icomoon-books” icon_color=”#002384″ icon_link_url=”?page_id=2773″]Are you looking for general information about our products? If so this is the section for you[/iconbox][iconbox type=”0″ icon_title=”Gallery” icon_name=”icomoon-images” icon_color=”#045100″ icon_link_url=”?page_id=2775″]Browse our gallery to get ideas about how Intensa products can be used to create the perfect healthcare solution.[/iconbox][iconbox type=”0″ icon_title=”Literature / Pricing” icon_name=”icomoon-book” icon_link_url=”?page_id=2779″ icon_color=”#c97f00″]Whether you’re looking for product ideas, pricing, or just need information about creating solutions, we have a variety of resources available for you.[/iconbox][iconbox type=”0″ icon_title=”Finishes” icon_name=”icomoon-palette” icon_color=”#8c0025″ icon_link_url=”?page_id=2781″]Intensa makes use of industry standard finish offerings. Our ability to customize product appearance assures our customers accurate color matching and the highest of quality.[/iconbox]